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Established as a one-stop solution for educational and career counseling needs for students, Wolinson Education Consultancy has come a long way in its endeavor to provide the best services possible. Since the time of our establishment hundreds of students have walked in through our doors and left with a smile.

Entrance Preparation

Wolinson's Entrance Preparation course helps students to get success in the entrance examinations in Nepal. This preparation course is designed to help those aspirants who want to succeed in their respective entrance examinations.

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Language Classes

In today’s era, it has been important to learn more than one language. Being able to communicate in a foreign language helps you to make ‘real’ connection with people and provides a better understanding.

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Test Preparation

Wolinson's Test Preparation courses are designed to increase student’s potential and performance in any of the standardized test.The courses help students improve their test-taking potential to maximize test results.

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Study Abroad

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About Us

About Us

Expert Education and Visa Services (Wolinson Education Consultancy) started its journey in 2003 with the aim of helping clients who were seeking advice on pursuing their higher education in Australia. The operation was initially started in Nepal to achieve this objective. The company has now expanded its service to Australia in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Gold Coast, increasing its service range to include education, migration, professional year, taxation, home loan and Vodafone service.

We are a qualified team comprising of registered migration agents, qualified education counsellors, career counsellors and solicitors. Wolinson Education Consultancy provides valuable advice to clients in education and migration sector. It also helps clients with their taxation and home loan queries. To make it easier for customers, Wolinson Education Consultancy has started Vodafone service within the office through its sister organisation ‘Expert Telechoice’. We also provide career counselling to enable students develop a viable career plan.

Our Team

We often notice that success brings in complacency. But we at Wilson Education Consultancy take each success — be it a student scoring his/her desired scores or getting into their university of choice — as another reminder that we need to keep performing even better. Each student for us is an individual with his/her preferred choices and we ...

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